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        Sparkly Cow is a trading name of Eryl Daniels - All rights reserved 2016                                        Tel: + 44 (0) 7800 902 847   Email:

Eryl Daniels a.k.a. Sparkly Cow  “making people feel better" Happiness coach & STRESSLess practitioner



Helping people to

find their mojo! 


Qualified and experienced Happiness coach and STRESSLess practitioner with a passion for helping others to find their Mojo!


Remove the negative thoughts and feelings that stop you from feeling and being your best.

It might be a value or deep rooted belief that you hold, for instance around money or love -  or my favourite...

"I'm just not good enough!"

Clearing HEAD TRASH!



I also work with beliefs and values especially those that are causing you a problem such as  dishonesty and honesty, trust and mistrust.


'Head Trash' therapy sessions benefit anyone that is stuck, trapped, fed up,  or starting over or getting in their own way. Trade those feelings for happiness, joy, peacefulness, relaxation, calmness and contentment!

Making YOU feel awesome



Helping people to achieve significant results in their lives, careers and business - I support people to make significant lifestyle choices.


I support my clients to make influential changes and achieve significant results in their lives, careers and business, changing their lives for the better.


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